VFX Headquarters

Computer graphics and visual effects studio
Studio Reel

The footage is taken from projects the team members have taken part during their careers. Some of them have been produced as a result of collaboration with fantastic companies like:
UlitkaPost, FilmDirectionFX, FX, Macrograph, Kompost, Resolution Films, Bloompix, Gruppo Anteprima

who we are

VFX Headquarters is a cloud based studio, consisting of VFX producers, supervisors, directors and artists with great experience in both feature film and TV commercials industries.

We are here to create unique storytelling and to treat your eyes with visual candy, developing sophisticated artistic projects, executed in every fine detail.

The studio provides the full scale of VFX services, ranging from directing, previs and art development up to CG shots production, compositing and finishing. Our experience and passion allows us to apply an appropriate technological approach to any specific task. Quality, flexibility and creative challenges is what we seek.

what we do
Artistic Development
Our art directors and artists provide an artistic concept that acts as a red thread throughout the project.
We provide all kinds of concept-art like creature, environment and many more, along with photorealistic matte paintings. Mind-blowing commercials or Hollywood style movies - we support your project from the very beginning.
2D photomatic or full scale 3D animatic, we can visualize your screenplay or storyboard long before a shooting period, to prevent insecurities and risks on set.
On set supervision
Making sure what is shot works in post.
Live action production
Sometimes it's useful to integrate some live action footage with our CG work to achieve the maximum realism. This is when we shoot and combine.
Unreal Engine/Virtual Studio
There are no limits to your vision anymore, just ask our magicians and they will prepare any sort of CG environment for your Virtual Production, using the power of Unreal Engine.
FX and RnD
Nuclear blast of devastating power or magnificient waterfall - the choice is yours, we bring it to life on a screen. We conduct all necessary research for any effect you are looking for. Our FX department will build a realistic dynamic fluid or particles simulation setup to meet your needs.
Photoreal Render and Compositing
Pushing the boundaries.
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